real estate australia

real estate australia

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real estate australia Real Estate in Australia

Intellichoice has assisted a large number of foreign nationals and expatriates purchase a property in Australia, so whether you're looking to diversify or simply to enter the property market, Intellichoice can help make your dreams a reality.

Below is a sample list of properties we have available, but please contact us for the latest list of real estate developments we have:

Real Estate in Brisbane


Brisbane is one of Australia's fastest growing cities, with an average of 50,000 people migrating to the area every year. We have access to a wide range of houses, townhouses and apartments either in the CBD, outside the city limits or on the waterfront.

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Real Estate on the Sunshine Coast

sunshine coast

Relax and soak up the sun on the peaceful Sunshine Coast. Enjoy a sea change lifestyle at your beachfront apartment today.

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Real Estate on the Gold Coast

gold coast

70km of beautiful golden beaches, cosmopolitan outdoor living and lush tropical rainforests just 30 minutes drive away - there is no place like the Gold Coast.

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Real Estate in Sydney


Sydney is home to a relaxed and friendly community who live, work and play together in this unique international city.

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Real Estate in Melbourne

melbourne marina

Your inner city apartment right in the heart of Melbourne gives you easy access to a staggering choice of stylish boutiques, markets, restaurants and bars. But if you'd rather get back to nature, a unique lifestyle on the Mornington Peninsula could be the answer.

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Real Estate in Perth


Famous for its awesome natural environment, long days of sunshine, spotless blue skies and brilliant beaches, we have a range of apartments and houses in Perth and Mandurah.

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Real Estate in North Queensland

palm cove

Set amidst an idyllic stretch of beach and luxurious resorts just north of Cairns in North Queensland, Palm Cove is a haven for the indulgent. Don't hesitate in securing your apartment or house in this sought after location

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Property in Australia

property australia

If you're looking to invest in Australian property, we have a huge range of properties avaiable to suit your needs

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FIRB Approval

firb approval

There's no need to get FIRB approval - our properties are already approved so you can get your home faster

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